Drabbles: Daughters

((why would you„,))

Lotus sat staring at the computer screen. Even after hours of trying to hack into the main server, she got nothing. No sign of a budge in the blockade of protection, nothing. It made her furious. She’d been able to hack plenty of things, things that made her previous employers proud. 

And now she couldn’t hack into a simple city’s main server.

"Dammit!" She yelled, throwing the keyboard away from her, tears pricking at her eyes. All she wanted was to speak with her daughters—even just to make sure they were okay quickly, not too long. Just explain she was going to be gone for a bit. 

She choked back a sob, wiping at her eyes, trying to think the best of her daughters’ well beings. They are okay, she thought, they are okay and safe and not in this strange city…

"Nona, Ennea," she whispered, sniffling in to hold back more tears from coming. "I’ll come back, I promise."

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